Quality Management

Customer’s health and wellness are our first priority
Our promise to deliver reliable and effective products

MG Pharma manufactures and delivers prescription and OTC drugs, health promoting food products, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. From the time we launched our first product in 1953, a medicine containing magnesium for treatment of constipation, we have continuously delivered safe products with high quality control. We update our quality control system periodically to comply with the relevant legislations and regulations, to always provide reliable and effective products to customers worldwide.

About Manufacturing

Products are manufactured following the GMP guidelines.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the established criteria which factories must follow for production and quality control. From procurement of raw materials to production and sales, all processes are managed appropriately to comply with the GMP, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products that are highly effective and safe.

・Health food
We manufacture our products only in factories which have obtained ‘ISO22000′ (the global food safety management system) or ‘Health Food GMP’. In order to ensure delivery of products that are safe and health-friendly, MG Pharma controls production and quality assurance at the same level required in GMP for pharmaceutical (medicinal drug) products.

Inspections are conducted regularly at these factories not only to maintain high quality, but to verify the compliance to legislations and regulations. Furthermore, a double-check system is in place to test the quality of products through each quality assurance unit in our production and sales division.


About Post-sales System

To ensure the safety of clients who give their support, we perform ongoing surveys of side-effects related to our products. Furthermore, in the event that a defect is seen in a product, we have a system in place so that the product in question is immediately collected/recalled from the market, and to pursue the underlying cause in a speedy manner.
Furthermore, we have a customer support service, where we welcome feedback of their experience with our products. We hope to learn from these opinions so that we can further improve our products and achieve greater satisfaction from our customers.

MG Pharma will continue working earnestly towards product quality and efficacy, to bring health and happiness to our customers.