Research & Development

Utilizing the hidden power of ‘food’, we aim for a society of health and wellness.

With the primary aim to prevent lifestyle-related diseases (such as fat, blood glucose level and blood pressure elevation), we continuously search and study on the effectiveness of various functional ingredients. Over the years, scientific development has helped push advancement of research in the field of nutrition and dietetics greatly. However despite such advancements, even in the food that we consume daily, there are still much to discover in the hidden power of ‘food’.

MG Pharma is researching the scientific basis of such ‘food’ to further understand and develop the functional ingredients. We work hard in the hope to enhance the customer’s ‘experience of efficacy’ through our products.


Research institution and collaborative research
Product development based on scientific evidence

MG Pharma conducts its research and development based on the notion of ‘Making Good Products’. Without limiting our cooperation with the Rohto Pharmaceutical group, we also actively conduct collaborative research with public research institutions, in hope to create unique products that are objectively and scientifically proven to be effective. Results obtained from such research and studies are published/announced accordingly in academic conferences and scientific journals. By having concrete evidence of the efficacy of the product, it not only helps us deliver the products to our customers with confidence, but we feel that it also helps enhance the customer’s ‘experience of efficacy’.

With our hope to fill our customer’s lives with health and happiness, MG Pharma will always strive to conduct new and unique research and development.