Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of Information

At MG Pharma Inc., depending on the situation, we will obtain user information according to the following 2 methods.


With regards to some contents including enquiry time and request for materials, at MG Pharma Inc. we might request the user name and e-mail address to be registered. This information will be used for user verification and reference upon service utilization.


At MG Pharma Inc., for some contents cookies will be used in gathering information. The cookie will be registered on the computer of the user when the user visits the web site. However the registered information will never include information with which the individual can be identified, such as user name and e-mail address.

Furthermore, at MG Pharma Inc., we analyze which services users are interested in, and use this to effectively send advertisements on the Wed. If you feel resistance to having information collected using such cookies, you can set the browser that you use to refuse the acceptance of cookies. However, in such case, depending on the contents, please note that the service might not function correctly.


2. Information Usage

The information recorded in part of the contents will be used for the development and provision of services of MG Pharma Inc. that are more appealing and valuable. At MG Pharma Inc., personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without the permission of the user. Furthermore, no personal information will be disclosed other than for requests with law enforcement and when legislation is applied.


3. Information Sharing

When using individual-oriented services other than those of MG Pharma, on occasion the information recorded by the user themselves with which the individual concerned can be identified will be shared among the network with MG Pharma Inc. to inform that the name and details have been previously provided. As matter of course, this personal information will not be intentionally disclosed to individuals or groups that are not approved as partners of MG Pharma.



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At MG Pharma, this privacy policy will be renewed, revised, and corrected based on the feedback from clients, and as required.