Message from the President

As ‘Food’ is an indispensable and vital part of human life, we chose to focus on how we can support and contribute to people’s health and welfare through ‘food’.


Since our establishment, MG Pharma has been mainly focused on pharma and nutritional research. However in 2003 when we became a member of Rohto Pharmaceutical group, we started to consider that true health is in ‘prevention of illness’, and now we are striving to be a pharmaceutical company that does not depend solely on medicine and focus more on ‘prevention’ and ‘maintaining health’.

Food is an essential factor involved in maintaining a healthy body. However MG Pharma takes it one step further by taking a ‘scientific approach’ to food, and conducts research to aim for ‘treatment’ that will lead to ‘prevention’ of illness. MG Pharma has focused on lifestyle-related diseases (such as fat, blood glucose levels, and high blood pressure) which are not only a problem in Japan but worldwide, and hope to provide support for people’s health through ‘food’ in respect to such problems. MG Pharma is located in the heart of ‘Saito Life Science Park’, which is an area where many research institutions and enterprises that conduct advanced research and developments have their research centers. With the stimulating environment, we continue to strive to actively promote good health.

MG Pharma’s company slogan is ‘Make Good Products’, which signifies our strong readiness and promises to ‘make quality products’ for enhancement of people’s health. Furthermore, as in Rohto Pharmaceutical Group’s corporate slogan ‘Never Say Never’, we will continue to challenge the future by focusing on moving forward and taking on challenges, while exceeding the frame of perceived wisdom to make the world a healthier place.


Dr. Lekh Raj Juneja